Polish American History Calendar - September (Wrzesień)
1944. Warsaw Uprising begins—notto be confused with Warsaw Ghetto
Uprising of April 1943, which was restricted to the Jewish district
of the city.
1943. Eleven Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth murdered by
Nazis in Nowogrodek.
1930. Birth, in Chicago, of Walter "Li'l Wally" Jagiello. He
revolutionized the polka music industry with the introduction of the
slower "Chicago style" tempo mixed with his Polish folk melodies.

1899. Birth, in Warsaw, of Apolonia Chalupiec, silent screen star later known as Pola Negri. (d. 1987).

1899. Birth, in Warsaw, of poet and novelist Stanislaw Balinski.
1958. Birth of rock drummer Jerry Augustyniak (10,000 Maniacs) in
Buffalo, N.Y.

1941. Birthday of Martha (Kostyra) Stewart.
1901. Birth of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski, Primate of Poland from
1948-1981, a staunch defender of faith during Poland's year's under
Communist control.
1997. Phil Niekro inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame.
1747. Founding of the first public library in Europe in Warsaw.
1924. Death of Jozef Conrad Korzeniowski (Joseph Conrad), 66,
British and Polish author.

1772. The First Partition of Poland by Prussia, Russia and Austria.
1977. Record set in Michigan for world's largest kielbasa, 1.5 miles
long and 3000 lbs.

Feast of the Transfiguration.
1955. As a senator, John F. Kennedy visits Poland and makes a
pilgrimage to Czestochowa.

1899. Death of Rudolph Piotrowski in San Francisco, one of the co-
founders of the Polish Society of California in 1863 (now the Polish
Club of San Francisco). Captain of Ulani (Uhlans), holder of
the "Virtuti Militari" Cross for bravery, and participant in the
Polish November Insurrection of 1830-31 against Russia.

1944. Poles play important role in Battle of Falaise.

1915. Birth of Fr. Cornelian Dende, famed director of the Fr. Justin
Roasary Hour.

1942. Death in Nazi gas chambers at Auschwitz of St. Teresa
Benedicta (Edith Stein), a Roman Catholic nun born of Jewish
parents. She was beatified by Pope John Paul II May 1, 1987, and
canonized October 11, 1998.

1880. Founding of the Polish National Alliance.
1881. Birth of Leon Krzycki, leader of early labor movements in the
United States.
1932. Birth of the "Golden Voice of Polkas," Marion Lush (Luszcz),
in Chicago. His parents returned to Poland after his birth, but came
back to Chicago prior to the outbreak of World War II.

1882. Birth of Wladyslaw Anders, General of the Polish Army during
World War II. He was commander of the Polish Forces in the Soviet
Union and commanded the Second Corps in Italy. His greatest
achievement was the successful leadership of the Polish forces that
took Monte Cassino, Italy.

1912. Birth of Polish American actress Jean Parker (Little Women).
1950. Birth of self-taught computer genius and Apple Computer
founder Steve Wozniak.

1866. Birth of Gabriel Sovulewski, who helped develop Yosemite
National Park, where he is buried.

1838. Birth of Fr. Dominic Kolasinski, who builder of Polish
churches in Detroit.
1873. Birth of Jozef Haller, General of Polish units of France
during World War I. (d. 1960).
1916. Birth of Polish American historian Edward Pinkowski, who
discovered Pulaski's remains in the Pulaski Monument in Savannah,
Georgia. He is the author of hundreds of papers and articles on
Polish American achivements.

1980. A strike begins at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland,
provoked by the firing of Anna Walentynowicz. Early demands are
economic but also include the return of Anna Walentynowicz and Lech
Walesa to work, and a memorial to the fallen striker in December
1980. Gdynia shipyard strikes on the 15th along with communication
1941. Feastday and death in Auschwitz in 1941 of St. Maximilian
Kolbe, Franciscan father beatified in 1971, canonized in 1982.

Assumption, also known as Matki Boskiej Zielnej, Feast of the Lady
of the Herbs. This day is marked in Poland by a massive pilgrimage
to the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa.
1920. "Cud na Wisla" ("Miracle on the Vistula"). Polish victory over
the Red Army on the Wisla River.
1966. Death of Jan Kiepura, 64, Polish tenor, in Rye, N.Y.

1959. Death of musician Wanda Landowski, who brought modern fame to
the harpsichord.
1941. Largest crowd (135,132) to attend a U.S boxing march, watched
Tony (Zalewski) Zale knock out Billy Prior.

Feastday of St. Hyacinth (Sw. Jacek), priest.(1257) . He is often
depicted carrying the Blessed Sacrament from a church about the be
pillaged by thge Tartars. He is the patron saint of pierogi, and the
phrase, "Swiety Jacek z pierogami!," ("St. Hyacinth and his
pierogi!") is an old expression of surprise, roughly equivalent to
the American "good grief!" or "holy smokes!"
1882. Birth of motion picture producer and pioneer Samuel Goldwyn,
in Warsaw, Poland.

1587. Zygmunt Waza elected King of Poland.
1989. Polish president Wojciech Jaruzelski nominates Solidarity
activist Tadeusz Mazowiecki to post of Prime Minister, the first non-
communist in Polish power in 42 years.

1940. Polish pilots fight in the Battle of Britain.
1847. Birth of Boleslaw Prus (Glowacki), journalist and novelist,
who fought in Poland's 1863 Uprising.
1980. Czeslaw Milosz receives Nobel Prize for Literature.
1907. Birth of Henry Archacki, founder of the Polish American
Historical Association.

1584. Death of Humanist poet Jan Kochanowski.
1939. Birth of Carl "Yaz" Yastrzemski, Boston Red Sox hitting star.
He won the Triple Crown in 1967, hitting .326 with 44 home runs and
121 RBIs. He won the batting title three times and played in 18 All-
Star games. Besides his offensive success, he was considered the
best defensive left-fielder of his time.

1989. Coalition government in Poland under the first non-communist
prime minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki takes power.
1994. Death of polka music legend Frank Wojnarowski, age 82, in
Bridgeport, Conn. nursing home.

1905. Birth of Sister Faustyna Kowalski, Saint of Divine Mercy
Canonized April 30, 2000.
1915. Birth of International Polka Music Hall of Fame member and
Buffalo, N.Y. Polish radio pioneer Stan "Stas" Jasinski in
Hamtramck, Mich. (d. Aug. 12, 2005)
1919. Birth of Matt Louis Urban (d. 1995), in Buffalo, N.Y., the
most decorated combat soldier of World War II. He was awarded a
total of 29 decorations, virtually every combat medal possible,
including seven Purple Hearts and the Congressional Medal of Honor.
1958. Birth of polka musician Robin Pegg (The Sounds, Dynatones,
Trel-Tones, Bellares), Uniontown, Pa.

Feastday of Our Lady of Czestochowa.

1764. Stanislaus Augustus Poniatowski named King of Poland.

1596. Christopher Pawlowski leads expedition to India.
1852. Fr. Leopold Moczygemba arrives at the port of New Orleans on
the Sea Eagle with four other missionaries recruited by Bishop John
Odin of the Galveston, Texas Diocese. Four years later in Panna
Maria, Texas
, Moczygemba and a community of Silesian Poles establish
St. Mary's, the first Polish church in America.

1259. Blessed Bronislawa.

1476. Poland is covered by grasshoppers, which ravage crops and
cause widespread famine.
1980. Polish trade union Solidarity, led by electrician Lech Walesa
and others, is founded in Baltic sea port of Gdansk, Poland.
Polish American History Calendar - August (Sierpień)

Here's a list of important Polish American historical dates for
August (Sierpien) courtesy of the Polish American Journal.
Below is a link to the PAJ's web site. I highly recommend the monthly
Polish American Journal to all those interested in their Pol
Am heritage.
http://www.polamjou rnal.com/ index.html

Sierpien - sierp is "a sickle" used for harvesting (tool to cut the
hay, grass or wheat)
http://culture. polishsite. us/articles/ art331fr. htm

Polish American History Calendar - June (Czerwiec)

Here's a list of important Polish American historical dates for
June (Czerwiec) courtesy of the Polish American Journal.

June (Czerwiec)

1434. Death of Polish King Wladyslaw Jagiello (b. 1348), founder of
the Jagiellonian dynasty of Polish kings.

1979. First pilgrimage of Pope John Paul II to Poland through June 10.,

1991. Beatification of Joseph Sebastian Pelczar, Bishop of Rzeszow.
1798. Polish playwright and author Julian Niemcewicz visits George Washington at Mt. Vernon.

1890. Death of folklorist and ethnographer Oskar Kolberg (b. 1814),

1872. Death of famed Polish composer Stanislaw Moniuszko, (b. 1819),
Polish composer best known for his opera "Halka."
1989. First free elections in Poland since World War II.

1674. Jan III Sobieski elected King of Poland.
1999.John Paul II begins his fourth trip to Poland.

1530. Birth of Jan Kochanowski, Poland's greatest humanist and
writer of the Renaissance.
1818. Death of Jan Henryk Dabrowski (b. 1755), Polish general and
military hero who organized the Polish Legion in Italy in 1797.
1997. Beatification of Mother Maria Jablonska and Mother Maria

1982. President Reagan and Pope John Paul II meet in the Vatican.

1987. Third visit of John Paul II to Poland (June 8-14), which
includes prayer at the Gdansk monument to the fallen shipyard
workers killed during Solidarity rally. Mass at Zaspa is attended by
1.5 million faithful.
1980. St. John Kanty Prep in Erie, Pa. closes.
1997. Canonization of Queen Jadwiga (Hedwig) in Krakow by Pope John
Paul II

1922. Joseph (Tykocinski) Tykociner publicly demonstrates for the
first time that sound movies are possible.

Blessed Bogumil, Archbishop of Gniezno.
1982. Birth of Tara Lipinski, youngest world ice skating champion
and gold medal winner at the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

1982. Death of Polish-born Marie Lambert, who help promote ballet in
Great Britain.
1659. Dr. Alexander (Kurcyusz) Curtius, Polish educator and
physician in the colony of New Amsterdam, arrives in the New World.
1915. Death of Jozef Brandt, painter of portraits and Bible scenes.

1907. Stanley (Kiecal) Ketchel wins the middleweight boxing crown.
He holds the title for three years.
1982. Polish labor union Solidarity strikes in Wroclaw, Nowa Huta,
and Gdansk, Poland, in protest of martial law.

1940. First transport of Polish prisoners arrives at Auschitz Nazi
death camp.

1298. Death of Blessed Jolanta, known for her charitable works, and
sister of Blessed Kinga.
1940. Nazi Germany establishes the Auschwitz death camp at Oswiecim,

1983. (June 16-23) Second pilgrimage of John Paul II to Poland.
1999. Pope John Paul II canonizes Blessed Kinga at Nowy Sacz before
a crowd of 650,000 people.
1943. Medal of Honor winner Joseph Sarnoski killed in Solomon

1696. Death of Jan III Sobieski, who defeated the Turks at the
Battle of Chocom near Vienna, and is credited with saving Europe
from being overrun.

1861. The first telegraph message is sent from an airborne balloon
by Thaddeus Sobieski-Lowe.

1873. Death of Valerian Sulakowski, Polish American military
engineer for the Confederacy.

1793. Birth of Aleksander Fredro (d. 1876), Polish dramatist noted
for his comedies.

1918. Birth of Eddie Lopat (Lopatynski) , New York Yankees star.

1940. Gen. Wladyslaw Sikorski establishes Polish government-in- exile
in London.

Sobotka. St. John's Eve. This Polish midsummer festival of pagan
origin is celebrated with bonfires and with candlelit wreaths set
afloat on rivers. It is believed that the forest comes to life this

1886. Birth of Fr. Justin Figas, OFM, founder of the Fr. Justin
Rosary Hour.
1838. Birth of Polish painter Jan Matejko (d. 1893), who is regarded
to have been Poland's greatest. His works are historical in theme.

1447. Coronation of Kazimierz Jagiello, son of Wladyslaw Jagiello.

1295. White Eagle made symbol of Poland.
1940. Death of Ralph Modjeski (b. 1861 Rudolf Modrzejewski) , famed
American Polish-born architect and bridge builder.

1927. Birth in Warsaw, Poland of Gen. John Shalikashvili, U.S. Chief
of Staff in the Clinton Administration.

1919. Treaty of Versailles, making Poland a free nation, signed by
I.J. Paderewski today.

1941. Death of pianist, composer, and statesman Ignacy Jan
Paderewski, 80, in New York City.
1964. Most Rev. Stanislaus Brzana became bishop of Diocese of
Buffalo. First Polish American to do so.

1911. Birth of 1980 Nobel prize winner Czeslaw Milosz.